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We prepare a target market research report for the products produced by our customers. and while preparing this report, we professionally make use of databases such as Trademap, D & B, Hoovers.

If there is a specific market that our customer wants to enter, we first investigate that region.

We compare our customer's price and service policy with the price service policy in the target market.

If we can prove that we can compete in the market with data, we create a target customer portfolio and present our products, services and prices to these customers by mail, telephone and physical visits.

When we receive positive feedback from target markets, we exchange samples with target customers, thus understanding their quality expectations.

We carry out these steps in full communication with our clients we advise.

When customers in the target market are found, we send them our requested certifications.

After our price, quality and services are approved, we produce and export the product with our exporter.

Why manufacturers should choose us,

We provide professional support to our target customers at every stage of export.

We save our customers from unnecessary expenses.

We provide our customers with the most accurate information and data thanks to the professional market researches that we will present in competitive markets, and thus our customers are one step ahead of their competitors.

Thanks to competitor and price analysis, we help our customers to determine the most suitable price policy.

We jointly manage all connections with our customers, from production to shipping, thus enabling our customers to spend more time on production.