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The works we will present for our imposing customers;

- First of all, we listen to our customers and determine which product our customers want from the product groups we are specialized in, at which standards and at which price parity, and communicate with suppliers who can meet the expectations of our customers and achieve product quality.

-We receive offers from many companies and present them to our importer customer.

- In order to better understand the offers we receive, we request samples from the manufacturer about the product and evaluate this with our customer

- In order to make sure that the manufacturer can produce the target product and produce it in accordance with quality standards, we undertake a more detailed research and, if we deem necessary, we examine the products and production facilities on behalf of our importer customer.

- If our customers are satisfied with the product, quality and price, we start the purchasing process and we do these transactions with the directives of our customers.

- After the products are prepared, we carry out the necessary transport by air, land or sea, taking into account the status of our customer and location.

- While loading the purchased product, we make sure that it is loaded securely.

-After the products reach our customers, we evaluate the satisfaction of our customers about the product and the loading, and we keep our communication with the manufacturer at a high level.

Our importer customers;

- We protect our customers from buying poor quality products

- We significantly reduce our customer's purchasing costs

- We reduce our customer's stock cost.

- After collecting many products for our customers in one place, we can load them in 1 container.

- We make sure that the products are produced on the desired date and that the quality standards are complied with.

- We keep in constant contact with our customers at every stage of the operation.

- We protect our customers from unnecessary payments and costs.

- Thanks to the services we provide to our customers, we make them stronger against their competitors.

- We offer the ideal product to our customers at competitive prices and in doing so we guide ourselves to trust and professionalism.